Kares Ceramic has been preparing powder granulations to form the highest quality products in the mixers of 50 kg and 500 kg and injection feedstocks by the twin-screw extruder as well. Ceramic parts are shaped by 150 tons of dry and semi-wet hydrolic pressing, gel casting, high pressure ceramic injection molding, 8, 6 and 2 KN vibrational casting processes according to the geometry, strength and quantity. Organic content and water of shaped parts are eliminated in the 700 °C 0,25 and 1 m³ debinding and drying furnaces. The products are sintered in the 1300 °C 0,25 and 0,5 m³, 1450 °C 0,25 and 2,5 m³, 1800 °C 50 liter high temperature furnaces. Before or after sintering ceramic parts are machined by grinding and milling in case of a very high dimensional accuracy desired.

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